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Cinewax media - les histoires africaines d'aujourd'hui

  • Escaping Pressure and Loneliness: Young Queer Afros discover themselves

    In an exclusive interview musician and producer Mansa (Lallo Darba) and director Sofia Aedo Zahou explain how the the idea to Mansa: An Ode to Self-Exploration came about and share surprising background information on many details of the 4-minute shortfilm.
  • Life to the Beat of Tragic Drums

    Somos Calentura (We are the heat) by Colombian filmmaker Jorge Navas (La sangre y la lluvia), one of the four movies prenominated to represent Colombia at the Oscars in 2019, wants to be both: a realistic portray of young Afro-Colombians’ daily reality in the port city of Buenaventura and a gripping action musical.
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