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Cinewax Ambassadors: screen a film

To facilitate access to African films and films from the African diaspora, Cinewax created the distribution program Cinewax Ambassadors, dedicated to institutions and associations in West / South Africa, Europe, and North America. 

The films under the Cinewax label have been selected by our programming team in order to offer a rich and varied catalog. This thematic selection presents innovative images of the African continent and its diasporas, revealing new ways of narrating and representing Africa and black identities. 

To join us in promoting African films, simply follow the steps below: 

📖 1. Explore our catalog of films and choose the ones you'd like to show with your association/institution, referring to our price grid to estimate your budget.  

📝 2. Fill out this form with information on the event you'd like to organize.

If you are an individual, make sure to be associated with an institution or a venue who could host your screening. Cinewax can suggest options if necessary. 

✅ 3. Following the validation of your proposal by our team, we will share with you the contact of the film's rights holder as well as en email template to reach out with your screening request. 

All the rights holders included in the catalog have already accepted the distribution model of the Cinewax Ambassadors program and will be ready to answer your request. 

💌 4. Contact the rights holder to obtain authorisation to screen their film. 

🗣 5. Communicate on the event using this graphic template or by integrating the Cinewax logo. 

📽 6. Screen the films. 

💰 7. Pay the rights holder. 

Cinewax does not receive any royalties from the films' exploitation. 100% of royalties are paid to the rights holders. 

📸 8. Share with Cinewax images and a mini recap of the event. 

During this organisation process, Cinewax will be available to assist you in the coordination of your screening, to ensure that your event runs smoothly and to answer any questions.  

We will also offer regular training sessions to explain the functioning of the program, and to give you the opportunity to meet the other Cinewax Ambassadors! 


Discover over 30 films organised by theme, proposed by the Cinewax programming team. Click on this link to view the full catalog.


African Poets
Young Revolutionaries
Her Story
Windows of Life
Queer Awakenings
Departures & Returns


El maestro Laba sosseh film
El Maestro Laba Sosseh
Maky Madiba Sylla & Lionel Bourqui / 2020 / Senegal / '70

From Dakar to Banjul, from Abidjan to Cuba, this documentary presents musicians, friends and family of the greatest singer of Afro-Cuban music in Africa, Laba Sosseh. This international journey reveals how Cuban music arrived in West Africa, how it evolved, the role of Laba Sosseh in this process, and the musical legacy he left behind.

frontières borders apolline traore film burkina faso fespaco

Apolline Traoré / 2017 / Burkina Faso, France / ‘90

On a bus from Dakar, Senegal, to Lagos, Nigeria, four resourceful women must band together as they navigate the risks that come with traveling alone as women, fighting back against threats of violence, sexual harassment and government corruption at each border crossing. This slice-of-life drama from Burkinabé director, Apolline Traoré, pays tribute to the bravery of West African women asserting their independence in a patriarchal society.

Dhalinyaro djiboutian youth lula ali ismail djibouti film
Lula Ali Ismaïl / 2018 / Djibouti, France / ‘85

Asma, Hibo, and Deka are on the verge of high school graduation. As they navigate the beginnings of adulthood, they must decide between leaving for university in France or staying at home in Djibouti.


Who are the Cinewax Ambassadors?

The Cinewax Ambassadors, or "screening partners", are the organisations and institutions that join the Cinewax community to screen films from our catalog. The ambassadors can be: associations, universities, museums, schools, festivals, foundations, collectives, government institutions, associative cinemas, hospitals (see the full list here). 

How do I become an ambassador? 

Fill out this form to let us know you'd like to join the community of ambassadors, or contact us at

I'm not part of an institution, how should I proceed? 

As an individual, it's necessary for you to be affiliated with an existing organisation to make a screening request. Cinewax can suggest partnering venues if you have trouble finding one. 

How much does it cost to screen a film? 

We offer pre-negotiated rates to distribute the films. The distributors, filmmakers, and rights holders are free to accept these rates, and some of them are pricier according to their wishes. You can find our price grids here

Can I propose a film to include in the catalog? 

You can send us your film by filling out this form. Our programming team will take it into consideration to include within the catalog.
Any other questions? Contact us at


Our programming team is composed of volunteers from all over the world, carefully selecting films under the Cinewax label. 

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