Du cinéma africain toute l'année: inscris-toi pour profiter de réductions

Cinewax is looking for volunteer writers and content creators

Cinewax media 2020

Cinewax is looking for volunteers for its new collaborative media dedicated to African cinema and new talent!

Launched in 2015, the Cinewax association aims to increase the visibility of films and artists from the continent and diasporas. In addition to the exhibition of films in partnership with cinemas, last year we launched the Online African Film Festival (OAFF), the first online African film festival.

Articles, interviews, surveys, videos...We want to make African cinema even more attractive and exciting by using a variety of formats!

We are a team of passionate volunteers, most of whom are in the Paris region. But we work remotely.

For the writing, we are looking for volunteer writers and community managers.

For the video part, we are looking for volunteer editors, sound engineers, photographers, and cameramen who can accompany us.




Images have a real impact on our vision of the world and our relationship with others.

Our audience needs to be represented on the screen and to see authentic stories.

Movies are more than just stories. They say who we are, what we want, and how we see our world. They help us to have a critical look at our society, and to build our identity.

  • We believe it is urgent to show the world the richness of African creativity and to allow everyone to have access to positive and critical images from the African continent.
    • We accept difference. We all carry within us a hybrid culture, a history, and identities as varied as they are enriching, paths that deserve to be told.
    • We defend "made in Africa" as a symbol of authenticity and a unique point of view on our reality.
    • We carry the voices of thousands of African and afro artists and creatives, from around the world, who want to share their vision. These voices are not heard today.
    • We are exploring a new generation of talent and the newest trends in the African film industry, along with others.
    • We are looking for motivated and free-spirited writers, who can defend their ideas and have a perspective on the world.

       * * * * *

      If you see yourself in our values, if you are passionate about culture, creativity, and you are eager to discover African cinemas, if you can write, if you want to embark on the adventure of the birth of a young media platform, contact us by following the instructions below!

      We can't wait to meet you!




      1. Please read the media presentation for more information.

      2. Your commitment is volunteer work. To date, writers are not paid for their articles (hopefully one day). In return you will benefit from the access to films promoted by Cinewax free of charge, as well as those of film professionals (directors, producers, etc...).

      3. Please send us your CV along with a brief presentation of yourself and why you want to join us.

      - For writers, present a topic that interests you and how you want to deal with it, or a film review, or interview you already completed.

      - For the production (photographers, editors, cameraman/woman) you can offer us content, or share your achievements.

      Contact us at media@cinewax.org


      * * * * *

      (as of May 9th 2020)

      Volunteer Editor in Chief

      To manage the production of articles and the team of writers. Experience as a journalist or in media is required. You will need to manage and control the schedule, and manage a team.

      6 hours a week, give or take.

      Volunteer writers

      To write the articles and carry out our interviews, through the themes of our editorial. You can work in teams or solo, there are weekly briefings, you will search for topics and meet directors and actors;)

      4 hours a week, give or take.

      Volunteer proofreader

      To help the editorial team. His/her mission is to proofread the articles, correct the mistakes and propose possible improvements related to the Editor. (Proofreaders can also be editors).

      4 hours a week, give or take.

      Volunteer Video or Sound editor

      For our video content. He/she participates in the design of our content and formats: image search, sound extract search, editing, etc... in collaboration with the content manager. 

      Hours to be determined.

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