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Cinewax is promoting African & diaspora films through events and its online film platform. We are always looking for new stories to share !

You can submit your film here.


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This submission is not a selection, and does not mean your film will be retained by our programming team. We will give you our screening condition if you are selected. Submitting your film is free, and you don't have to pay any fee to submit it.

Cinewax has been promoting African films and diasporas since 2015. We organize events, premieres and film festivals with a team of passionate volunteers based in France.

With the Online African Film Festival OAFF we want to promote these films worldwide.

We are always looking for new films and inspiring stories. Here is how you can submit your film to our programming team. 



- The director of the film an african, african descent, or caribbean (except for documentaries)

- The film must have a connection with Africa (shot in Africa, Story including africans, etc...) or the African diasporas

We might accept the movie if : the theme is important and well treated, and we know there is a lack of representation of this theme / genre / story.

We might not accept the movie if the production is fully non-african, non afro-descent, the theme / genre / story is not underrepresented

Prepare this before submitting:

- Title of the film, director, duration, production date, main actors

- synopsis

- viewing link + password (this will stay private)

- poster of film

- stills of the films (2 to 3) 

We will ask for the subtitles if your film is selected. 
Your film must have french and english subtitles* (or it will be limited in terms of countries). We need only format Subrip .srt with timecodes.
------------------------- SUBMIT YOUR FILM HERE -------------------------

1) Please fill this form :

2) Send us an email at with the rest of the info asked (stills, poster, EPK of the film)


The Cinewax team will reply within 6 to 8 weeks. If we don't get back to you after this period, it means your film has not been selected. We watch a lot of films and sometimes we don't have the time to reply to everyone.
Once selected, the movie will be displayed Worldwide. You can choose to limit the territories of display. We will propose a formal contract to secure everything.
Note : if your film isn't selected, it doesn't mean we will never select it. OAFF programmation depends of the theme we have or our current vision. We might change it during the year.
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