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Join our media - African film reporter & content creative

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Cinewax is looking for volunteer righters/reporters for its new online media promoting african cinema(s)! 

We are an NGO founded in 2015 in Paris. Since then, we have been organizing screenings of african movies in France in partnership with movie theaters and launched OAFF, the first ever online african movies festival. 

Today, we feel it is urgent to show the world the depth, originality, and beauty of african cinema and african creatives. Our new media will feature interviews with filmmakers and actors, reviews, as well as in-depth articles on the industry. 

We need native english speakers and writers from everywhere in Africa to help us cover this huge subject. 


How to join us ?

If you are passionate about african cinema, if you want to write about films, trends or artists linked to the industry, don't hesitate to send us your resume and a short pitch at

Cameraman/women, photographs, creatives, you can directly submit content  ( along with your resume ) or join our ongoing media project ! 


Why should you join us ? 

- Promoting african cinema : you'll join a team of passionate young people, and will participate in the creation of an exciting new media working on a better visibility of african images and art. 

- Networking : You'll strenghten your skills while having access to our network of professionals in the movie business. And you will be able to attend premieres ! 

- Writing/creative freedom : you'll be able to write on subjects rarely seen on traditional media and use the format, lenght, and angle you wish. 

In any case, we will welcome your ideas ! 



copyright : the image used for the article is from Supa modo, by Likarion Wainaina 2018 - Rushlake media

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