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The Cinewax Team

Cinewa is a team of passionate volunteers in more than 10 countries!
Together, we are committed to the promotion of African cultures in the world through cinema: the organization of our festivals, the Cinewax platform, Cinewax Media, the program Cinewax Education ...


Find out who is behind our projects!

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Some portraits

Jean Fall cinewax president founder 2015 oaff

Jean FALL is the founder and president of the Cinewax association. Young Franco-Senegalese entrepreneur and passionate about cinema, he created Cinewax in 2015, to bring people together around African cultures through cinema.

rachel arthein cinewax translator volunteer volunteer


I am responsible for the translation team of “French” subtitles for the platform. I am French, I am 21 years old and I am passionate about languages ​​and cinema. Thanks to OAFF, I can combine these passions and gain experience in the field in which I want to work.

 Cindy volunteer benevole cinewax


I am a Tanzanian based in Toronto and a programmer for Cinewax. Apart from that, I am an artistic director and a freelance artist. It's exciting to be part of this team that cultivates and promotes African voices and talents!

Soum Gassama

I am Soum Gassama, film critic for the cinewax association and 3D modeler in everyday life. I am convinced that African cinema has a future and that it is essential today to share our stories around the world, thanks to the 7th art. Through this commitment, we enrich ourselves and we enrich the world at the same time.

 Ed uliengue cinewax volunteer
Ed Ulienge
I am Ed, translator and author among others. I am very passionate about art. And being part of this project is a way of participating in the promotion of African cinema but also of its rich culture.

 Clara Paumé cinewax

Clara Paumé - Artistic Director - France
Video Editor for Production team

 Raïssa Kiavila
Raïssa Kiavila - Film Programmer - France

I am French and in charge of programming for the association. I am based in Paris, and I am also a legal expert. I am always looking for new opportunities to deepen my film culture, Cinewax seems to be a great one.

 Samuel Leter cinewax
Samuel Leter - Film Programmer - US

I am Franco-American, in charge of programming for Cinewax, and a film student. I am fascinated by how watching a film can build a community across the different distribution points, and I am delighted to be part of this team to promote African films!


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