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La Team Cinewax

Cinewa c'est une équipe de bénévoles passionnés dans plus de 10 pays !
Ensemble, nous sommes engagés pour la promotion des cultures africaines dans le monde à travers le cinéma. La plateforme Cinewax, Média, Cinewax Éducation... Découvrez qui se cache derrière chaque projet !





Diana Cisse programmer cinewax

Diana - Head Programming Manager @dianenna

I am the Programming manager of the Cinewax platform. I am currently a Ph.D. student in Canada, working on social movements in Senegal and Colombia. Being part of this project and being able to showcase African and Afro-descendant stories and cinematographic talent is for me a political act. It enables me to show to the world that Africa and the Afro-descendant diaspora worldwide do not equal misery and invisibility.



Suzanna - Acquisition Manager - France 🇫🇷

I am the Acquisition manager. I’m French, 25 years old and passionate about cinema. I want to discover other stories and representations than the ones we usually see on TV or on the internet. I’d love to work in sub-Saharan Africa in production of acquisition later in my life, and OAFF is an amazing way to start toward that project!


Mareme Dioum

Mareme Dioum - Manager production team - France/Senegal
Video editor & Founder of Black is really beautiful


Clara Paumé cinewax

Clara Paumé - Artistic Director - France
Video Editor for Production team 
Raïssa Kiavila
Raïssa Kiavila - Film Programmer - France

I am a French programmer, based in Paris, and also a legal expert. I’m always looking for new opportunities to deepen my cinematographic culture, Cinewax looks like a great one.


Samuel Leter cinewax
Samuel Leter - Film Programmer - US

I am a Franco-American programmer for Cinewax, and student filmmaker. I am fascinated by how film viewing can build community through various distribution outlets, and am so thrilled to be part of this team to promote African films! 



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