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  • “If Africans lose their stories, Africa will die”: The Sembene Across Africa Project

    Ousmane Sembene is commonly referred to as the Father of African cinema. Yet, despite the significance of Sembene’s works for African cinema today, his work is still little known by Africans.  

    Who is Sembene? What kind of vision did he had for African cinema? And how could Sembene's legacy inspire contemporary African filmmakers? 

    To know more about the need to indigenise African cinema, read the interview with Samba Gadjigo and Jason Silverman who recently launched the Sembene Across Africa initiative.

  • Queimada: how does the White Saviour syndrome emerge in cinema?

    Queimada has been presented as decolonial because it is one of the few films that shows the reality of the struggles of the enslaved for their freedom. It offers a sharp criticism of the colonial system but also of the manner in which society has maintained, until today, a system of domination based on white supremacy and systemic racism. However, the film is quite problematic because it fails to give voice to those first concerned . So, is Queimada really proposing a decolonization of the gaze? Or is it reinforcing a paternalistic white gaze on the struggles of racialized people? Cinewax has published a debate between two spectators to better understand the main issues of this film in contemporary society.
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